Are stun guns legal in my city or state?
The following states do not allow stun guns to be carried for protection:
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin
In addition, stun guns are not legal in the US Virgin Islands.
The following cities do not allow stun guns to be carried for protection:
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Baltimore County, MD
  • Denison / Crawford County, IA
  • District Of Columbia
  • Philadelphia, PA
Please note: This list is provided as a guide only, and is subject to change. Please check your local and state laws. You, the buyer, are responsible to know and apply by all laws in your jurisdiction.

Do all your models have a safety/ disable pin?
Yes. We feel that the most important safety feature a stun gun can have is the safety/disable pin. When used properly, they help prevent the stun gun from being used against the person carrying it. After all, what good is self defense when it can be used against you.

Why don't you have any models that also have a flashlight?
Flashlights on stun guns compromise your safety for two very important reasons. The first problem is that the flashlight drains power from the battery which is also used for the stun gun. You could potentially find yourself in a situation where there is not enough power for the stun gun to be effective when you really need it.
The second problem is that when you are using the flashlight, you are not prepared to use the stun gun. There is at least one step you have to make in order to make the stun gun ready to use. A stun gun or any self defense tool will do you no good unless it is ready to use.

Why don't you have any models that look like ordinary objects like cell phones or lipstick?
Self defense items are only effective if they are ready to be used, so it doesn’t really matter what they look like. Our main problem with them is that other people, especially young children, confusing them with what they actually are and accidentally shocking themselves. In addition, devices that are very small, such as “lipstick” models, are not able to provide enough power to be effective.

What type of rechargeable batteries do your stun guns have?
We only use 7.2 Volt Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Not only do Ni-MH batteries have almost twice the capacity of the Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries but they are also safer for the environment!

How many milliamps do your stun guns produce?
When most people consider the power of a stun gun, they only think voltage. The truth is the amperage that a stun gun produces is just as, if not more important than voltage. Amperage is in fact, the real power behind the stun gun. Where most stun guns range between 1-2 milliamps, our stun guns product approximately 4.5 milliamps.

Do your stun guns come in any color than black?
No. Bright colors attract attention to your stun gun, which makes them harder to conceal. Also, the bright colors will very quickly show a buildup from the oils and dirt from your hands. This causes the unit to get a grimy coating that can’t be cleaned. Yuck!