Why Stun Guns?

Police and other agencies love stun devices because they always work. The intensity of effect will vary from person to person, but they always have an incapacitating effect on every person. The reason why they work so well is they affect the central nervous system and muscular system.  As the electricity is flowing through the body, muscle control is interrupted on a massive scale.  Additionally, the brain is literally scrambled due to the flow of electricity through the body, leaving the target confused and disoriented.

In addition to the effectiveness, stun guns have a few, distinct advantages over other self-defense tools:

  1. Easy to carry – Stun guns are typically small, light and conceal well in a pocket (or in the hand).
  2. Easy to use – No advanced training is required. With just some basic knowledge and planning, everyone can effectively protect themselves with a stun gun.
  3. Legal in almost every state – Except for a few states, where carrying a stun device of any kind is illegal, stun guns have very little to no regulation. In fact, there is less regulation for stun guns than there is for pepper spray. For a list of states and cities that prohibit the carry, ownership, or use of stun guns, please refer to the FAQ section of our web site.

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