Top Stun Guns

3.7 Million Volt “Top” Model

Many of our customers just want the basic top of the line stun gun. They want it to have as much power as possible, yet be battery powered as well. Our 3.7 million volt “Top” model is the best stun gun available.

Features of the 3.7 Million volt model:

  • 3.7 Million Volts
  • NI-MH rechargeable battery, with built-in charger
  • Battery guaranteed to last 5 years!
  • Safety switch to ensure the unit does not accidentally discharge
  • LED indicator for an easy, visual check to see if the unit is on or off
  • “Kill switch” attached to wrist strap – Inhibits the unit from being used against the owner
  • Quality, nylon-weave holster with belt loop
  • Compact unit that fits in pocket or purse: 3 ¾” X 2 ¼” X 1″
  • 60 month warranty on the entire unit – Battery included!


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