Taser Vs Stun Gun: Advantages Of Using Stun Guns

Taser vs stun gun is an age-old debate that leaves many confused.  If you are among those who are still undecided on which self-defense device to get, allow us to make things simple for you.  Stun guns may get a lot of negative reports, but more and more people are still purchasing them.  Why?  The answer is quite simple.  In the battle of tasers and stun guns, the latter has been found to present more advantages.

What Are Stun Guns?

True to its name, stun guns are designed to deliver an electrical charge into an attacker’s body that leaves them “stunned.”  This prevents them from being able to commit a crime or harming another person.  These devices are often associated with a high voltage number but their low amperage prevents them from causing long-term damage and death to the person it was used on.

Safe And Non-Lethal

Stun guns are classified as non-lethal weapons making them a safer option than other forms of self-defense devices  They are not capable of causing permanent damage to the attacker’s brain.  These weapons are merely means of temporarily paralyzing a person so you can have an opportunity to escape.  If you are worried about unintentionally hitting someone with a stun gun, you just need to purchase a model with safeties and on/off switches.  If ever you do stun another person by accident, they will eventually recover.

Convenient And Handy

When fully-charged, stun guns can be used several times until the battery drains out.  They are also better than pepper sprays which can only be used on the attacker’s face.  These self-defense devices can work on any part of an attacker’s body.  As long as direct skin contact, you can effectively “stun” your attacker.  Compared to firearms, they are more convenient to carry around.  They can fit into a purse or into your pocket easily.  Also, guns need some practice and training for you to use them properly.  Stun guns do not require as much time for mastery.


Generally, stun guns are very effective when it comes to paralyzing an attacker.  However, its effectiveness depends on the device’s voltage as well as the length of time you hold it on the person attempting to do you harm.  Holding the weapon against the attacker for about five seconds will cause a loss of balance and uncontrollable muscle spasms which will last for up to 15 minutes.  This gives you enough time to escape and ask for help.

Taser Vs Stun Gun: Where To Buy The Top Self-Defense Device

Taser or stun gun?  Our answer is very clear.  If you want to keep yourself protected at all times, you need to equip yourself with the top self-defense device in Reno, Top Stun Guns.  Our stun guns are built with safety features that will prevent you from accidentally using them on other people.  They have LED indicators so you can see if the unit is on or off.  They also have a “kill switch” attached to the wrist strap that inhibits the unit from being used on you.  Know more about our Top Stun Guns!  Call us today at 888-908-STUN!

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