Self defense is a choice

Many people believe that in this crazy world, they are a victim just waiting to happen.  These are the kinds of people that walk around in fear.  They avoid dark alleys, and crowds of strangers.

They change their course on a sidewalk, when a potentially scary individual walks their way, and live in constant anxiety of a stranger following them

This is a common victim mentality.  Perhaps this person has experienced something in their life to be like this, and perhaps they are just weak of mind.

Traumatic experience

It is understandable that someone that has been traumatized would display these symptoms.  Any trauma can cause PTSD and it can change the way you think about the world, and the decisions you make.

For someone that has been victimized, it is empowering to hold a stun gun in their hands, and learn how to use it.  They learn that they do not have to be the victim anymore because now they can fight back.

Weak of mind

Perhaps they are timid by nature, or were raised in a family or culture that made them feel demure.  Being demure doesn’t mean you have to think and act like a victim.  In fact, many studies have shown that you invite attacks by appearing an easy victim.

Just by having a stun gun in your pocket, and the knowledge of how to use it, can change your body language.  You can feel confident because you CAN defend yourself, and this added swagger in your step can help to deter would be attackers looking for easy prey.

So the moral is: having a stun gun means you may never have to use it!  Ironic to say the least.

Top Stun Gun

Here at Top Stun Gun, we are the #1 seller of stun guns in Reno, Nevada.  We not only sell them, but we will also provide training on the proper method to deploy them.

We will also pass other time-tested self defense techniques over to you, to ensure that you no longer have to feel like a victim ever again.

Protect yourself, empower your mind, stay safe; Get a stun gun today.

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