Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons And Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

Non-lethal self-defense weapons – keeping them in your home is an effective way of ensuring your family’s safety.  Devices such as stun guns are easy to use.  In just a little amount of time, your children can easily learn how to use them against attackers that may invade your house.  To further increase your home security, here are some simple tips you and your family should follow.

Always Keep Doors And Windows Locked

Even if you only have to step out for five minutes, be sure to lock ALL of your doors and windows.  Burglars are always on the look out for opportunities, so do not give them one.  Also keep your keys hidden so criminals cannot easily reach for them.  Do not place them near letterboxes, cat-flaps or windows.  Hiding spare keys under the door mat or plant pot is also a big no-no.  That is exactly where burglars would look.

Join Or Start A Neighborhood Watch

Surprisingly, a neighborhood watch can keep burglars away simply because they exist.  It also gives you a stronger sense of security knowing that your neighbors are looking out for you.  If you do not have a group established in your area, you can talk to your neighbors about starting one.  Then when you have everyone involved, you can contact your local police station for advisory.

Make Use Of Lighting

Most burglars take lighting as an indicator if they should invade a home or not.  When the lights are on, for them, that means people inside the house are still awake and active.  So that is a no-go.  But when the lights are off, that is when they take interest.  If your home is frequently empty, install timer switches that can turn your lights on and off as if there are people inside.  Nowadays, you can even link these devices to your smart phone so you can control lighting remotely.  Another great way to use lighting against potential burglaries is to have security lights within the perimeter of your residence.  They are triggered whenever someone approaches your property.

Keep Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons In Your Home

If you do not have non-lethal weapons for self-defense inside your home, now is the perfect time to get one.  Do not wait for a burglary to happen before you realize the importance of having these devices in your home.  Let us help you keep your family safe and secure!  At Top Stun Guns, we only offer the most effective non-lethal weapon in the market.  Our stun guns are not your ordinary self-defense devices.  Find out why by calling us today at 888-908-STUN!

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