Important Tips On How To Use The Best Stun Guns

Best stun guns are generally easy to use, but by following the tips on this article, you can get the most out of your self-defense device.  Your chances of avoiding danger will be significantly increased, too.

Why Stun Guns Are Better Than Actual Guns

Because of their small size, Reno best stun guns can easily fit into your pocket or purse.  You can take them anywhere – to the gym, to your workplace.  And unlike carrying a gun, these weapons will not make you appear intimidating to other people.  There is also no need for special classes just to learn how to use them.

As non-lethal weapons, stun guns are much safer than firearms.  Do not let your device’s high voltage output fool you as this number cannot cause death.  It is the wattage that kills people, and best stun guns (Reno NV) have low wattage output.  They are only capable of paralyzing an attacker for a short amount of time giving you an opportunity to escape and call the authorities.

Use The Best Stun Guns Effectively

  1. Make sure that your stun gun is always charged.  It takes a while for the battery to drain out.  You can use it for several times before charging it again.  But just to be sure, it is recommended that you charge your stun gun at least once a week.
  2. Do not place your weapon at the bottom of your purse when walking alone.  Have your best stun guns in Reno, Nevada ready by holding it in your hand.
  3. To create the maximum amount of damage, target the chest, back, stomach, thighs, and groin area.  The attacker’s face and neck are also effective points of contact.  Just put into mind that the ideal place to shock a person are the parts of his body with large muscle groups.
  4. After you have chosen a “target area”, press your stun gun into your attacker.  Ideally, you must hold your weapon firmly for five seconds to effectively paralyze the person trying to cause you harm.  However, three seconds is already enough to give you time to escape.
  5. Always have a Plan B.  This means, aside from using your stun gun, you must have other plans of escape in mind.  You do not need anything elaborate like keeping a gun inside your car.  It can be as simple as using your keys as a “second self-defense weapon.”

Put Your Safety Into The Right Hands

When it is your own life at stake, you need to choose your device carefully.  You can trust us, Top Stun Guns, to equip you with a high-quality and 100% reliable self-defense weapon.  Our products are made with the most durable materials and state-of-the-art features making them both easy to use and EFFECTIVE!  To place an order, call us today at 888-908-STUN.


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