Home invasions on the rise?

Forced entry by a home invaderRecently, in our home-town area, there have been a number of home invasions  that have made the headlines.  Luckily, in the most recent home invasion, two suspects are in custody, more than three dozen firearms were recovered, and the victims were unharmed.

Unfortunately, home invasions have a tragic history of unhappy endings.  Rapes, beatings, torture, and murder are all too common these days.

With the recent, preliminary 2010 crime statistics just released from the FBI, one might be lulled in to complacency.  After all, violent crime is down an average of 5.5% nationwide! Although this may sound good on the surface, simple statistical analysis shows that violent crime is common.  Yes, I said common.

The statistics listed for Reno, NV show that for a city of 222,242 people, Reno experienced 1,168 violent crimes.  That number represents “reported crimes”, so the actual number of violent crimes can be estimated to be higher.  Nevertheless, using the figure of 1,168, that means that 1 out of every 190 people were victims of a violent crime in 2010.  1 out of every 190 people!

Think of your Facebook or LinkedIn contacts…People that you actually either know very well or with whom you are an acquaintance.  One or more of them has been the victim of violent crime in the past year!

The good news is, there are a few, simple things, which I will talk about in my next blog, that you can do to lower the odds of being a victim of a home invasion.

Stay safe!



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