Best Stun Guns In Reno: Basic Self-Defense Moves Everyone Should Know

Best stun guns in Reno can help you defend yourself in dangerous situations when used together with basic self-defense moves.  Most of us want to avoid violence as much as possible, but when your life is at stake, it may be your only option.  Fortunately, you do not need to have years of training to learn some effective techniques to defend yourself.  Here are some simple moves you can use with your best stun guns Reno.

Prevention Is Always Best

Remember how they tell you that prevention is always better than the cure?  This line also applies to self-defense.  Attackers always target the most vulnerable victims.  Avoid catching their interest by being aware of your environment.  Always stay in areas with good lighting and people around.  Also keep your keys in hand as you walk towards your car and make sure to regularly vary your route and times of travel.

If the only way you can defuse a situation is to hand over your wallet or purse, give your attacker what they want.  Do not put up a fight.  No amount of money or possessions is worth more than your life.

Defend Yourself With Everyday Objects

If Reno best stun guns are out of your reach, you can use several everyday objects in your purse or environment to defend yourself.  For instance, instead of a knife, you can hold a key or pen in between your middle and ring finger while you are walking towards your car.  Another example is tossing some sand from your surroundings into your attacker’s eyes.  Be creative.  Use whatever you can for self-defense.

Face Parts To Target

There are two critical parts of the face you must target to create maximum damage.  First are the eyes.  Obviously, gouging, poking, or scratching your attacker’s eyes will help you escape.  Aside from impairing his vision, you will cause him a lot of pain.  In cases when your attacker is standing close in front of you, you can use the heel of your palm to strike up from under his nose.  As you move, throw your entire body wait to cause him the most amount of pain.  If your attacker is situated behind you, you can hit his nose with your elbow.

Arm Yourself With The Best Stun Guns in Reno

Carrying the best stun guns (Reno NV) significantly increases your chances of surviving a life-threatening attack.  You cannot simply rely on these moves.  By sending 3.7 million volts into your attacker’s nervous system, you can evade danger without having to go through much struggle.  You can order our stun gun online or by phone.  Call today at 888-908-STUN.




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