4 Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons You Should Have In Your Home

It’s time to face the truth: the world is no longer safe enough to make us put our guards down. No matter how safe we think our homes are, we should know better than keep the safety of everyone we love in the hands of fate. Some people just brazenly rob and inflict harm to others. It is better to have a contingency plan that includes using non-lethal self-defense weapons. Arm your home and ensure your family’s safety with  these 4 non-lethal weapons for self-defense. Continue reading

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Self Defense 101: Who Needs Stun Guns (Reno NV)?

Will buying stun guns Reno NV up your self-defense skills?  Yes, there are many ways that it can do that.  Being compact and handy, it will take no more space than your smartphone.  We see news of rape and assault all the time on our newsfeeds.  See how using one can help you against an attacker. Continue reading

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Find The Best Stun Gun On The Market

Buy Top Stun Guns, the best stun gun brand on the market!  One unlucky circumstance or encounter can change your life.  That is why you have to be ready and protected at all times.  Do you already know the best method to safeguard yourself and your family?  Buy Top Stun Guns to ensure your safety and of your loved ones.   Continue reading

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Self defense is a choice

Many people believe that in this crazy world, they are a victim just waiting to happen.  These are the kinds of people that walk around in fear.  They avoid dark alleys, and crowds of strangers. Continue reading

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Important Tips On How To Use The Best Stun Guns

Best stun guns are generally easy to use, but by following the tips on this article, you can get the most out of your self-defense device.  Your chances of avoiding danger will be significantly increased, too.

Why Stun Guns Are Better Than Actual Guns

Because of their small size, Reno best stun guns can easily fit into your pocket or purse.  You can take them anywhere – to the gym, to your workplace.  And unlike carrying a gun, these weapons will not make you appear intimidating to other people.  There is also no need for special classes just to learn how to use them.

As non-lethal weapons, stun guns are much safer than firearms.  Do not let your device’s high voltage output fool you as this number cannot cause death.  It is the wattage that kills people, and best stun guns (Reno NV) have low wattage output.  They are only capable of paralyzing an attacker for a short amount of time giving you an opportunity to escape and call the authorities.

Use The Best Stun Guns Effectively

  1. Make sure that your stun gun is always charged.  It takes a while for the battery to drain out.  You can use it for several times before charging it again.  But just to be sure, it is recommended that you charge your stun gun at least once a week.
  2. Do not place your weapon at the bottom of your purse when walking alone.  Have your best stun guns in Reno, Nevada ready by holding it in your hand.
  3. To create the maximum amount of damage, target the chest, back, stomach, thighs, and groin area.  The attacker’s face and neck are also effective points of contact.  Just put into mind that the ideal place to shock a person are the parts of his body with large muscle groups.
  4. After you have chosen a “target area”, press your stun gun into your attacker.  Ideally, you must hold your weapon firmly for five seconds to effectively paralyze the person trying to cause you harm.  However, three seconds is already enough to give you time to escape.
  5. Always have a Plan B.  This means, aside from using your stun gun, you must have other plans of escape in mind.  You do not need anything elaborate like keeping a gun inside your car.  It can be as simple as using your keys as a “second self-defense weapon.”

Put Your Safety Into The Right Hands

When it is your own life at stake, you need to choose your device carefully.  You can trust us, Top Stun Guns, to equip you with a high-quality and 100% reliable self-defense weapon.  Our products are made with the most durable materials and state-of-the-art features making them both easy to use and EFFECTIVE!  To place an order, call us today at 888-908-STUN.


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Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons And Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

Non-lethal self-defense weapons – keeping them in your home is an effective way of ensuring your family’s safety.  Devices such as stun guns are easy to use.  In just a little amount of time, your children can easily learn how to use them against attackers that may invade your house.  To further increase your home security, here are some simple tips you and your family should follow.

Always Keep Doors And Windows Locked

Even if you only have to step out for five minutes, be sure to lock ALL of your doors and windows.  Burglars are always on the look out for opportunities, so do not give them one.  Also keep your keys hidden so criminals cannot easily reach for them.  Do not place them near letterboxes, cat-flaps or windows.  Hiding spare keys under the door mat or plant pot is also a big no-no.  That is exactly where burglars would look.

Join Or Start A Neighborhood Watch

Surprisingly, a neighborhood watch can keep burglars away simply because they exist.  It also gives you a stronger sense of security knowing that your neighbors are looking out for you.  If you do not have a group established in your area, you can talk to your neighbors about starting one.  Then when you have everyone involved, you can contact your local police station for advisory.

Make Use Of Lighting

Most burglars take lighting as an indicator if they should invade a home or not.  When the lights are on, for them, that means people inside the house are still awake and active.  So that is a no-go.  But when the lights are off, that is when they take interest.  If your home is frequently empty, install timer switches that can turn your lights on and off as if there are people inside.  Nowadays, you can even link these devices to your smart phone so you can control lighting remotely.  Another great way to use lighting against potential burglaries is to have security lights within the perimeter of your residence.  They are triggered whenever someone approaches your property.

Keep Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons In Your Home

If you do not have non-lethal weapons for self-defense inside your home, now is the perfect time to get one.  Do not wait for a burglary to happen before you realize the importance of having these devices in your home.  Let us help you keep your family safe and secure!  At Top Stun Guns, we only offer the most effective non-lethal weapon in the market.  Our stun guns are not your ordinary self-defense devices.  Find out why by calling us today at 888-908-STUN!

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Taser Vs Stun Gun: Advantages Of Using Stun Guns

Taser vs stun gun is an age-old debate that leaves many confused.  If you are among those who are still undecided on which self-defense device to get, allow us to make things simple for you.  Stun guns may get a lot of negative reports, but more and more people are still purchasing them.  Why?  The answer is quite simple.  In the battle of tasers and stun guns, the latter has been found to present more advantages.

What Are Stun Guns?

True to its name, stun guns are designed to deliver an electrical charge into an attacker’s body that leaves them “stunned.”  This prevents them from being able to commit a crime or harming another person.  These devices are often associated with a high voltage number but their low amperage prevents them from causing long-term damage and death to the person it was used on.

Safe And Non-Lethal

Stun guns are classified as non-lethal weapons making them a safer option than other forms of self-defense devices  They are not capable of causing permanent damage to the attacker’s brain.  These weapons are merely means of temporarily paralyzing a person so you can have an opportunity to escape.  If you are worried about unintentionally hitting someone with a stun gun, you just need to purchase a model with safeties and on/off switches.  If ever you do stun another person by accident, they will eventually recover.

Convenient And Handy

When fully-charged, stun guns can be used several times until the battery drains out.  They are also better than pepper sprays which can only be used on the attacker’s face.  These self-defense devices can work on any part of an attacker’s body.  As long as direct skin contact, you can effectively “stun” your attacker.  Compared to firearms, they are more convenient to carry around.  They can fit into a purse or into your pocket easily.  Also, guns need some practice and training for you to use them properly.  Stun guns do not require as much time for mastery.


Generally, stun guns are very effective when it comes to paralyzing an attacker.  However, its effectiveness depends on the device’s voltage as well as the length of time you hold it on the person attempting to do you harm.  Holding the weapon against the attacker for about five seconds will cause a loss of balance and uncontrollable muscle spasms which will last for up to 15 minutes.  This gives you enough time to escape and ask for help.

Taser Vs Stun Gun: Where To Buy The Top Self-Defense Device

Taser or stun gun?  Our answer is very clear.  If you want to keep yourself protected at all times, you need to equip yourself with the top self-defense device in Reno, Top Stun Guns.  Our stun guns are built with safety features that will prevent you from accidentally using them on other people.  They have LED indicators so you can see if the unit is on or off.  They also have a “kill switch” attached to the wrist strap that inhibits the unit from being used on you.  Know more about our Top Stun Guns!  Call us today at 888-908-STUN!

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Best Stun Guns In Reno: Basic Self-Defense Moves Everyone Should Know

Best stun guns in Reno can help you defend yourself in dangerous situations when used together with basic self-defense moves.  Most of us want to avoid violence as much as possible, but when your life is at stake, it may be your only option.  Fortunately, you do not need to have years of training to learn some effective techniques to defend yourself.  Here are some simple moves you can use with your best stun guns Reno.

Prevention Is Always Best

Remember how they tell you that prevention is always better than the cure?  This line also applies to self-defense.  Attackers always target the most vulnerable victims.  Avoid catching their interest by being aware of your environment.  Always stay in areas with good lighting and people around.  Also keep your keys in hand as you walk towards your car and make sure to regularly vary your route and times of travel.

If the only way you can defuse a situation is to hand over your wallet or purse, give your attacker what they want.  Do not put up a fight.  No amount of money or possessions is worth more than your life.

Defend Yourself With Everyday Objects

If Reno best stun guns are out of your reach, you can use several everyday objects in your purse or environment to defend yourself.  For instance, instead of a knife, you can hold a key or pen in between your middle and ring finger while you are walking towards your car.  Another example is tossing some sand from your surroundings into your attacker’s eyes.  Be creative.  Use whatever you can for self-defense.

Face Parts To Target

There are two critical parts of the face you must target to create maximum damage.  First are the eyes.  Obviously, gouging, poking, or scratching your attacker’s eyes will help you escape.  Aside from impairing his vision, you will cause him a lot of pain.  In cases when your attacker is standing close in front of you, you can use the heel of your palm to strike up from under his nose.  As you move, throw your entire body wait to cause him the most amount of pain.  If your attacker is situated behind you, you can hit his nose with your elbow.

Arm Yourself With The Best Stun Guns in Reno

Carrying the best stun guns (Reno NV) significantly increases your chances of surviving a life-threatening attack.  You cannot simply rely on these moves.  By sending 3.7 million volts into your attacker’s nervous system, you can evade danger without having to go through much struggle.  You can order our stun gun online or by phone.  Call today at 888-908-STUN.




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Who Needs Personal Defense Weapons?

Personal defense weapons know no gender, age, or profession.  When it comes to self-defense, safety, and security, it pays to be extra careful.  Stun guns have been becoming a great way of feeling safe anytime, anywhere.  These weapons immobilize attackers through powerful electric shocks.  They are handy and powerful life savers.  Thinking of getting a stun gun?  Here’s why everyone should have one.

Handy Personal Defense Weapons for Everyone

Stun guns are perfect for everybody and here’s why.  With high voltage but low amperage, stun guns immobilize attackers without serious damage.  It causes the muscles to work inefficiently in rapid bursts.  This uses up the attacker’s stored energy that could have been used to cause harm.  After just three to five seconds under a stun gun, attackers can be rendered immobile.  After administration, people can now run to safety or call for help

Perfect for Women

Although both men and women will find stun guns useful, women tend to be more vulnerable to attacks. In the U.S. alone, over 22 million women are victims of violence.  For every five American women, one is a victim of successful or unsuccessful attacks.  With these numbers, getting a personal defense weapon is just makes sense.  Most stun guns are sized at about 3.5 inches by 2 inches.  This makes it a perfect hand held size that can fit into any purse.

Useful for Students

College students are no stranger to all-nighters, late schedules, and practices.  Their busy hours make them prone to common campus crimes.  This is why college students can benefit from personal defense products.  Thousands of reported and unreported crimes happen on college campuses daily.  In the year 2001 alone, over 12,000 cases of rape, murder, and robbery were reported.  These can be easily avoided with the help of stun guns, Tasers, pepper sprays, or any defense weapon.  No matter how safe or crime free a campus may be, it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra layer of security.

Be In Control of Security

Keys, phone, wallet, and stun guns.  These are the four things people should not leave the house without.  With Top Stun Guns, people can now take safety wherever they go.  Their stun guns are rechargeable, durable, and can power up to 3.7 million volts of electricity.  Each unit has a safety indicator, a led indicator, and a built in kill switch in the strap.  Be in control of safety today!  Call Top Stun Guns at 888-908-STUN (7886) or visit our store at 561 Keystone Ave. Suite #435.

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Home invasions on the rise?

Forced entry by a home invaderRecently, in our home-town area, there have been a number of home invasions  that have made the headlines.  Luckily, in the most recent home invasion, two suspects are in custody, more than three dozen firearms were recovered, and the victims were unharmed.

Unfortunately, home invasions have a tragic history of unhappy endings.  Rapes, beatings, torture, and murder are all too common these days.

With the recent, preliminary 2010 crime statistics just released from the FBI, one might be lulled in to complacency.  After all, violent crime is down an average of 5.5% nationwide! Although this may sound good on the surface, simple statistical analysis shows that violent crime is common.  Yes, I said common.

The statistics listed for Reno, NV show that for a city of 222,242 people, Reno experienced 1,168 violent crimes.  That number represents “reported crimes”, so the actual number of violent crimes can be estimated to be higher.  Nevertheless, using the figure of 1,168, that means that 1 out of every 190 people were victims of a violent crime in 2010.  1 out of every 190 people!

Think of your Facebook or LinkedIn contacts…People that you actually either know very well or with whom you are an acquaintance.  One or more of them has been the victim of violent crime in the past year!

The good news is, there are a few, simple things, which I will talk about in my next blog, that you can do to lower the odds of being a victim of a home invasion.

Stay safe!



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